Mar 28

Spanked And Abused

Yesterday, I want to introduce you to a misbehaving redhead amateur named Janine. This schoolgirl was caught flirting with other boys, so her boyfriend is ready to teach her a punishment when she gets home that night. Check out these pics of the harsh punishment that her strict boyfriend dealt out. He dragged her into the bathroom, then pulled up her skirt and started to spank her butt.

He makes her take off her clothes and get into the bathtub. Since she’s being a dirty nympho, he’s going to clean her up. Of course a long the way, he gives her tender butt more of a spanking. It really starts to hurt and her butt is getting sore, but she’s also getting turned on by it. She’s begging for him to fuck her and finally he gives her exactly what she wants!

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Mar 25

Spanked And Abused

Caitlyn’s boyfriend is pretty angry off. He came home from work last night to find his naughty eighteen year old girlfriend on the phone with some other guy. To make it worse, she was having phone sex with him. She tried to make up excuses, but that just made him more pissed. She was going to have to be punished. Take a look at photos from Caitlyn’s punishment. He grabbed the phone and soon was spanking her ass with it. At first she tried to pretend like it didn’t hurt, but it wasn’t hard to tell that it did.

The phone left bright red marks on her butt, but this punishment wasn’t over yet. He pulled her panties to the side and started to spank her bare butt with his hand until it was all bright red. The wild part is that this made her really horny. She practically begged to suck his penis. She did more than just suck his penis. She got her pussy drilled from behind which really made her moan.

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Mar 21

Spanked And Abused

While I was growing up, I always had a bit of a crush on my baby-sitter, Tobi. Even though she was only a few years older than me, she seemed to think that every time she found me getting into trouble, she should spank me and give me a cruel punishment. As we got older, we started messing around and even fucking each other. You know how they say payback’s a bitch? Well, check out these photos of me spanking and getting my revenge on my old babysitter.

When Tobi stopped by yesterday, I made her give me blowjob. While she was on her knees, I began to start spanking her tight butt. She kept squirming and yelling but I wouldn’t let her up until it her butt looked like a bright red apple. Only then did I ease up, but only so I could slam my dick into her pussy. That little slut liked my spanking so much that her pussy was dripping wet and my dick slid right in. To make sure I got my full revenge, I pulled out and shot my jizz all over her spanked-red butt.

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Mar 18

Spanked And Abused

Check out these photos of me spanking my slutty girlfriend. Last night my girlfriend Alexa showed up at the bar wearing this supers hort blue pleated mini-skirt. She looked like a schoolgirl fantasy come to life. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve told her not to wear seductive shit like that when there are other guys around. I’m not the jealous type but I don’t want other guys looking up my girl’s skirt at her pussy. I decided it was time for some punishment.

I didn’t even let her get a beer before I dragged her butt house and threw her across my knee. I just flipped up that tiny skirt and started spanking her tight ass until it got nice and red and rosy. Unfortunately, my little nympho girlfriend was actually enjoying the spanking a little too much because when I pulled aside her pink panties, I found her pussy soaking wet. I thrust my penis into her and drilled her hard, slapping that butt the whole time and making her scream. I didn’t let her up until I shot my sticky white sperm all over her bright red butt.

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Mar 14

Spanked and Abused

Sandy was feeling particularly horny on Friday night last week and as her boyfriend sat watching tv in his boxers she decided to surprise him and sneaking off to the bedroom she went through her lingerie drawer to find the perfect outfit for the occasion. Finally Sandy settled on a mesh black “nightie” and a teal thong and panty set. Walking out to the living room Sandy cleared her throat to get her boyfriends attention, looking away from the tv he smiled “nice” he said, and went back to watching the game. Sandy wasn’t sure he’d got the message so sitting next to him on the sofa she ran her hand over his dick.

Sandy’s boyfriend was starting to get pretty pissed, all he wanted to do was watch the game and Sandy wouldn’t leave him alone so he thought he’d teach her for being naughty. Grabbing her he threw her over his knee and lifting her nightie he slapped her big juicy butt. Sandy’s plump butt stung from the spanking and a big red handprint formed already but her boyfriend kept spanking. The more her boyfriend spanked the redder her butt got and she just couldn’t help it, her pussy got wetter and wetter.

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Mar 11

Spanked And Abused

Check out these video clips of a redhead amateur named Isabella getting spanked. What did she do? She was kicked out of her house by her parents and her friend was nice enough to let her stay there. However, she robbed him blind. She stole his credit cards and went on a shopping spree. A week or so later when the credit card bills came, it didn’t take him long to figure out what had happened. However, he wasn’t just going to kick her out, he was also going to give her a punishment.

He’s very pissed and Isabella knows that she better do exactly what he wants. She bends over, pulls up her skirt and he starts to whip her butt with his leather belt. It hurts like hell and turns her butt red. He makes her take off her dress and cotton panties, that’s when he starts to spank her butt with his hand. It makes a loud slapping sound that the neighbors could probably hear. The wild part is that this amateur loved every second of her punishment, it was really turning her on.

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Mar 07

Spanked And Abused

Check out these video samples of a slutty redhead nympho named Sophia getting spanked and abused. I don’t know what it is about redheads, but it seems that they’re always misbehaving and causing problems. This redhead is definitely no exception to the rule. Money is tight for her and her boyfriend and he asked her to cut back on spending. However, when he got the credit card bill yesterday, he noticed that there was hundreds of dollars that she had spent in the last month.

He was pretty pissed. He ordered Sophia to come over, take off her jeans and bend down on the table. He starts to spank her hard. It turns her butt bright red and turns him on. He soon has his penis in her mouth. She doesn’t just give him a blowjob. He’s fucking her mouth, making her gag on his penis. Then he bends her over and fucks her from behind. Her butt is totally sore and each hard thrust hurts like hell!

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Mar 04

Spanked And Abused

Check out these photos of this misbehaving girlfriend named Mayla getting a lot more than just a spanking. It all stated last night, when her boyfriend came home from work. He had asked his girlfriend to cook something for dinner since she was home all day long, doing nothing but watching soap operas on television. When he got house, he expected to have a hot meal waiting for him. Instead, he found dinner burnt because his girlfriend was busy talking on the phone with one of her gossipy friends.

Needless to say, he was pretty pissed off. He took the phone away and dragged her back into the kitchen to show her what she had done. She tried apologize, but it was too much for him to forgive her. He grabbed her hair and made her bend over. He pulled up her skirt and started to spank her. When he saw the wooden spoon, he grabbed that and slapped her butt with it. She begged for him to stop, but he was just getting started.

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Feb 28

Spanked and Abused

Renna is a blue eyed brown haired beauty with a tight body and she just loves to show it off the the world; unfortunately for Renna her boyfriend wasn’t a big fan of her showing off her body. When Renna invited one of her classmates over to study for finals and her boyfriend came over and found her laying on the sofa with him studying he was pretty upset. The situation only got worse when he saw Renna laying on the sofa with her tight round butt hanging out of her short denim skirt and her tight stomach showing under her tiny cropped top. Ordering Renna’s friend to get out Renna’s boyfriend decided to teach her a lesson.

Throwing Renna over his lap her boyfriend hiked up her skirt and spanked her tight round butt. Renna couldn’t help but gasp when his hand hit her butt but she also felt her shaved pussy getting wet. Renna’s boyfriend spanked her ass again, letting his hand linger this time but when he looked down and saw her panties getting wet he raised his hand to spank her again. As Renna screamed in pleasure he pulled her panties aside sliding one fat finger inside her wet slit.

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Feb 25

Spanked And Abused

Take a look at photos of a smoking hot girlfriend named Renna getting spanked and abused. It all started when her boyfriend came home last night and found her on the sofa. She was watching porn and fingering herself. Most guys would find that a turn on, but she does it all of the time. She masturbates so much that she rarely wants to have sex with her boyfriend. He’s asked her stop masturbating all of the time and she promised that she would, but the photos tell a different story.

Needless to say, he was pretty pissed. She was soon spread out across his lap, her skirt pulled up around her waist and he was spanking her bare butt. It was soon bright red and starting to get sore. However, both of them were really getting turned on by the spanking. Soon, she was sucking his dick. It didn’t stop there. She took his dick deep inside of her tight amateur pussy. He drilled her hard and it was rough with her. Then to top it all off, he came all over her pretty face.

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Jan 24

Spanked And Abused

Yesterday I have a slut that I know you’re going to love. This girl is named Sandy Summers and she’s one kinky girl. She’s definitely what you could call easy - she loves giving blowjobs and getting her tight amateur pussy drilled. But the fun doesn’t stop there. This girl has a fetish for being spanked. She gets so turned on when she’s being spanked. One hard spanking and make her act so naughty!

Take a look at pictures of Sandy Summers in action. Yesterday, her and her boyfriend are spending the evening inside. They had plans to go out to dinner, but when he’s ready to go, she’s being a bad chick and is still wearing her robe. She’s nowhere ready to go. She’s always late and now he decides that he’s going to give her a spanking! That’s exactly what she wants and after he turns her butt bright red from spanking it so hard, she’s begging to get drilled!

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Jan 21

Spanked And Abused

Renna is one smoking hot girl, most guys would consider themselves very lucky to have a girl like her, however she does have some issues. She loves to masturbate, which doesn’t sound like such a bad thing at first. But for her boyfriend, it’s definitely a bad thing. Since, she’s always masturbating, she never wants to make love. He’s asked her to stop playing with her sex toys and fingering her pussy when he’s not there, but today when he came house, he found her on the couch, watching a porno and fingering her wet cunt.

He was pissed off because just last night, they had the conversation about her not masturbating so much. He bent her over his lap and started to spank her. Take a look at video samples from her punishment. It started as a spanking, but soon, she was on her knees sucking his penis. He made her gag on his dick. Then he bent her over and drilled her pussy from behind. She was getting to know the meaning of rough sex and I think this horny girl loved it!

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Jan 17

Spanked And Abused

Meet a very slutty redhead schoolgirl named Janine. Yesterday, her boyfriend was walking house when he saw his eighteen year old girlfriend out talking to some other guys. If it was just talking it would’ve been alright, but she was definitely doing some serious flirting with them and that pissed him off. He didn’t say anything then, he just waited until she got home for his revenge. Check out these pics and see how Janine was punished for talking to other men.

He dragged her into the bathroom and told her that she was going to have to get clean after going out and being such a dirty nympho. He pulled up her mini skirt and started to pinch, then spank her butt. Soon, he ripped off her clothes and told her to get into the bath tub. There the spanking continued. He couldn’t resist getting into the tub and fucking her from behind. Spanking her had gotten him so worked up and horny he had to release himself right then.

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Jan 14

Spanked And Abused

The bad economy has hit everyone pretty hard, including Caitlyn and her boyfriend. To make ends meet and so that they could pay the bills, she decided to get a second job. She thought she was helping out by getting a job as a phone sex operator. However, when her boyfriend found out about it, he told her that she had to quit. Well, she mostly quit, but from time to time when he wasn’t around she would take phone calls. Yesterday, she was on one of those phone calls when her boyfriend came house.

Needless to say he was pretty pissed! Check out these pics of the abusive punishment that Caitlyn received last night. He ripped the phone of out of her hands and started to spank her butt with it. Then he bent her over and started to spank her ass like the bad girl that she was. The spanking got both of them horny and when she saw the hard penis in his pants, she took it out and started to suck on it. It was a stunning warm up, but now he wanted to fuck her tight pussy!

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